Turkish Ebru Paper Marbling

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Turkish Ebru Paper Marbling
Reasons to book this Ebru Artist
  • Beautiful works of art using dyes and water set to paper

  • Fully tailorable and made unique to your specifications

  • Ancient Turkish tradition now available for your event

  • Artwork can be created before or during your event

  • Based in Istanbul and available for international events

Turkish Ebru Paper Marbling videos

Turkish Ebru Paper Marbling photos

The fantastic traditional turkish art of ebru is now available to fascinate your guests anywhere in the world. The beautiful artworks can be created before or during the event, in a transfixing performance.

The Turkish ebru paper marbling uses traditional techniques using soil, coloured inks and water and a series of custom tools. Coloured inks are poured onto and float on a body of water. The ebru artist the manipulates colours in a way that creates stunning and unique patterns. The final part involves placing a sheet of specialist paper onto to absorb the colours and patterns as you see them. Our ebru artist has perfected his skills and is able to create absolutely fantastic works of art that are both traditional and modern. 

Each piece of paper marbling art is completely unique to another and our highly skilled artist is able to create either mesmerising patterns or actually representations of objects such as flowers. He can create custom traditional art pieces especially for you and your guests.

Our Turkish ebru artist not only offers bespoke art pieces, but bespoke artworks in a live session (watch the video above to see how). Previous clients of they type of work have been the Noto Flower Show in Italy, Red Cross Ball in Geneva, Turk Telekom and the International Travel Expo in Hong Kong. Perfect for stunning crowd, the art can be projected on to a large screens he works and is able to include company colours. 

This really is a stand out art based performance that creates a bespoke and indivdual item that your guests can cherish for years.

Contact our team of friendly Entertainment Coordinators if your would like to book Turkish ebru paper marbling for your next event.