Turkish Belly Dancer

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Turkish Belly Dancer
Reasons to book this ACT
  • A renowned world-class Turkish belly dancer and teacher

  • An exceptionally fluent performer, she gives masterful performances

  • Fuses traditional Turkish belly dance and modern choreography

  • Appeared in various TV shows, instructional DVDs and women documentaries

  • Based in Turkey and available to perform at events worldwide

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A renowned world-class Turkish belly dance master and performing artist, Hale is an exceptionally fluent performer. A passionate, free and uniquely spiritual dancer, she leads audiences’ into a magical world; giving masterful performances that are awe-inspiring and breathtaking.

Her style is a mix of the old and the new. Highly creative and just born with a natural inclination to try new things, she innovates and improvises to come up with fresh dance moves. The result is a fusion style of traditional Turkish belly dance and modern choreography. This style is stamped into each and every number she masters, interpreted through a wide variety of musical genre.

Over the years, Belly Dancer Hale has been invited to give performances and workshops all over the world. Her students have learnt her passion, and translated this into their own endeavours - they have set up their own dance studios to bring the true belly dance spirit to the world and presented this unique art form to more people.

Some of the notable achievements of this Turkish Belly Dancer include winning 2nd place in Istanbul's belly dance competition as well as publishing a belly dancing DVD. She has also been included in a number of documentaries, MTVs, and TV segments of popular shows.

High in demand as a belly dancer in Turkey, Hale performs for corporate events, festivals, cultural shows, and even private parties such as weddings, dinners.