Tropical Show Girls

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Tropical Show Girls
Reasons to book this Exotic Walkabout Act
  • Guests will love these eye-catching and standout show girls with a tropical twist

  • A brilliant photo opportunity these obliging hostesses are perfectly happy to snap a selfie or group photo with you

  • The perfect walkabout act for clubs, tropical themed events, luaus, private parties, product launches and corporate events

  • These tropical hostesses can hand out drinks, canapes as well as flyers and event promos for any event

  • These Tropical Show Girls are available to perform as a walkabout act at events in the UK and around the world

Tropical Show Girls photos

These utterly fabulous Tropical Show Girls are guaranteed to make a huge impact at any event. Their extravagant costumes, adorned with exotic flowers and tassels, will blow everyone away!

Tropical Show Girls for all occasions

From corporate activities to VIP party entertainment, these exotic hostesses are able to transport guests to tropical climates no matter what the occasion. Our Tropical Show Girls roam the event dancing and inviting guests out onto the dance floor. These excellent hostesses are simply out of this world, maintaining the party atmosphere at your event all night long. 
Our hostesses are guaranteed to be loved by all ages, they are an incredibly versatile walkabout act, able to serve drinks and refreshments to guests throughout your event. Or they can hand out flyers or event promos for your event or product. Or even greet guests at the entrance to your event before leading them through to the grand event. Whatever suits your event best.

Hire Themed Hosts for Events

Their bespoke exotic costumes are of extremely high-quality and therefore these hostesses are perfect for themed events. Adorned with bright tropical flowers and tassel skirts these show girls are ready to party and will be admired by many. Our Tropical Showgirls will capture any audience regardless of the themed event, from luaus to cocktail parties and caribbean nightclubs.
An ideal photo opportunity, guests will flock to these show girls for selfies and group photos! This walkabout act is sure to be the talk of the night. This is not an act to be missed!

Scarlett Entertainment offers a broad variety of exotic themed entertainment for themed events all across the world.
Hire our Tropical Show Girls by getting in touch with our Entertainment Experts today. They will be more than happy to provide further information on these hostesses and assist you in the booking process.