Tree Event Decor

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Tree Event Decor
Reasons to book this Event Decoration
  • Bring the outdoor indoors with the magnificent Tree Event Decor

  • Bespoke, hand made and very customisable trees with many options

  • Available for one off events and long-term installations

  • Have been used for conferences, festivals, corporate dinners, tv and film props, parties, boats and beaches

  • Based in Warwickshire and available for events all over the world

Tree Event Decor photos

The magnificent and extremely realistic Tree Event Decor enables you to bring a sense of the great outdoors indoors or to have beautiful trees where trees would not normally be. The very lifelike tree props will amaze your guests and many will believe they are actually real. 

The stunning Tree Event Decor is available for anything from elegant entrance pieces and stylish props to immersive environments and fantastic nature themed event decoration. They can be a brilliant stand prop at your event or create a magnificent atmosphere and surreal area at any nature themed event. You can book them for one off events and long-term installations as they have done at the Alexandra Palace.

Available tree props are as follows, but custom concepts can be created too depending on client requirements and event themes:

  • Autumn
  • Cherry Blossom
  • Brown with Green foliage
  • Bare
  • White with White Blossom
  • Dome Trees

The bespoke, hand made trees props have different choices of foliage and you can add or remove leaves as you desire. Bare trees can be used to create an eerie visual at Halloween parties, white trees with white blossom are fantastic for weddings and the dome trees props can be used as an entrance feature. 

Previous clients of the Tree Event Decor includes Facebook, Linked In, 8 Northumberland, Tobacco Docks, Regent Street and they have been used for a range of events including conferences, festivals, weddings, corporate dinners, tv and film props, celebrity parties, product launches and even on boats.

To book the luscious tree props as your nature themed event decoration, please contact our team at Scarlett Entertainment. 

8 Northumberland
Alexandra Palace
Linked In
Regent Street
Ricoh Arena
Tobacco Docks