Trash Percussion Show

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Trash Percussion Show
Reasons to book this Percussion Show
  • The Trash Percussion Show uses the likes of plastic bins and old barrels for rhythmical masterpieces

  • They can create customised percussions shows and interactive performances

  • Clients include Mercedes-Benz, Vegefest, IPSEN Logistics, Krone, Volksbank and many more

  • Two to Twenty percussionists available for custom shows

  • Based in Osnabrück in Germany and available for event all over the world

Trash Percussion Show videos

Trash Percussion Show photos

Rather than taking out the trash, these German percussionists take the trash and turn it into percussive musical instruments. Plastic bins, old barrels, glass bottles, metal pipes, foot stomping and much more create the outstanding Trash Percussion Show. The garbage bin drummers are a fantastic alternative musical experience. 

The Trash Percussion Show has intricate choreography creating a combination of percussion and dance in a truly captivating spectacle that blows audiences away. The German percussionists create a performance that is as much about the visuals as it is the sounds. Either on or off the stage, the Trash Percussion Show is an experience that audiences are guaranteed to remember. 

This Trash Percussion Show can be fully customised to suit a client brief or event type, including the costumes. They have previously worked with industry giant such as Mercedes-Benz creating a bespoke percussion show using parts of the car. They offer workshops for children team building exercises and even have an interactive stage show where the crowd has an empty bucket to join in with. 

Having appeared on Das Super Talent, the Trash Percussion Show has been making waves all over the world and performed everywhere from Canada to Singapore. Very well suited to family friendly occasions, the garbage bin drummers are also a great choice of live music for eco or environmentally themed events, especially focusing on recycling. 

If you would like to book the Trash Percussion Show for your event, please get in touch with our team at Scarlett Entertainment.