Traditional Gabon Musicians

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Traditional Gabon Musicians
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Incredible Gabonese musicians enthral audiences with their traditional drumming and music

  • Tribal performers from the ancient and endangered Bwiti culture offer a rare and spectacular performance

  • Bwiti musicians use a range of traditional instruments and percussion to create a lively and captivating show

  • Bwiti tribal show offers songs of blessing and healing from the traditional shamanistic practice

  • Tribal drummers available for performances worldwide

Traditional Gabon Musicians videos

Book our incredible tribal performers for a hypnotic and stunning display featuring traditional music and drumming. Our tribal drummers are from the Bwiti people native to Gabon and their dramatic, spellbinding show is a fascinating and highly entertaining look into this mystical and secretive culture. Using a range of traditional instruments our Gabonese musicians perform a powerful and unique show that will give any audience something they’ve never experienced before.

Our Bwiti tribal show features a duo of performers who sing, dance and play their instruments in a ritualised ceremony celebrating life and nature and their complex, fast paced rhythms and intricate playing make for an exciting performance. Book our amazing Bwiti musicians for a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience this unique and ancient performance style before your eyes.

Our Bwiti musicians create a captivating show steeped in the ancient shamanistic traditions of Central Africa. This traditional practice uses music and rhythm to allow performers and spectators to enter a trance like state of ecstasy and passion, making for an intense and dramatic performance in which the audience feel very much a part of the act. With the decline of the Bwiti traditions in Gabon this Bwiti tribal show gives you a rare and un-missable chance to experience an endangered and beautiful performance from our incredible tribal drummers.

Using a range of traditional instruments including the  Mongongo mouth bow, Ngoma-Ngombi harp and Etsike antelope horn, our Gabonese musicians and tribal performers deliver a selection of songs and rituals of healing and blessing for your audience, giving them an unforgettable insight into this ancient and fascinating culture.

Scarlett Entertainment features a range of musicians, dancers and performers from different African traditions for performances around the world.

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