Traditional African Dance Group

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Traditional African Dance Group
Reasons to book this Traditional African Dance Group
  • Vibrant engaging traditional dancing and drumming

  • Can provide stunning dance shows or group workshops

  • Combines routines from traditions of over 120 tribes

  • Fantastic costumes and pounding rhythms will amaze audiences

  • Based in Tanzania and available for events all over the world

Traditional African Dance Group videos

Traditional African Dance Group photos

Book the traditional African dance group for a spectacular cultural performance showcasing traditions of Eastern Africa. Active since 1994, this traditional African dance group aims to promote Tanzanian cultural activities and youth talents. The collective of African dancers and African drummers delivers vibrant and highly engaging entertainment that can be enjoyed the world over. 

The traditional performance is a mixture of dancing, singing and drumming combining traditions of over 120 local tribes. The traditional African dance group can perform more than 50 Tanzanian folk dances that includes songs, routines and drum beats from all of the tribes. The African drummers provide a backdrop of high-energy live music will infectious rhythms and pounding beats. Meanwhile the focus is drawn to the African dancers who, with amazing costumes, perform visually captivating and storytelling choreographed dance routines. 

Able to bring Eastern African traditional performances to wow audiences all over the world, the traditional African dance group can also provide amazing workshops for group activities. The African dancers and drummers will teach groups some of the traditional drumming and dance routines. 

The Tanzania-based African entertainers have been to Sweden, Germany and Holland, are three time winners of the Kilimanjaro musical awards, have been invited by the Government of Kenya to perfrom at the Madaraka Day celebrations, as well as for the UN General Secretary Koffi Annan, US President Bill Clinton, South African President Nelson Mandela, the President of Finland Hon. 

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