Themed Stilt Walkers Bristol

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Themed Stilt Walkers Bristol
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Extraordinary range of weird and wonderful costume characters

  • Talented stilt artists will create a fantastic spectacle at your event

  • A sensational walkabout entertainment option for carnivals, street theatre, grand openings, trade shows, and more

  • Our professional Themed Stilt Walkers Bristol have years of experience performing at a range of events

  • Based in Bristol, UK, our festival stilt walkers are available for international bookings

Themed Stilt Walkers Bristol photos

Creating a fantastic spectacle in any event setting, our magnificent Themed Stilt Walkers Bristol offer an enormous range of weird and wonderful costume characters. 

Specialising in all things whimsical, enchanting and eerie, our stilt artists’ glorious costumes are sure to create an eye-catching display as walkabout entertainment. 

Offering a range of strange costume characters including witches, goblins, four-legged beasts, and predator warriors among many other peculiar eccentricities, our Themed Stilt Walkers Bristol offer plenty of choice for the macabre and chilling. 

Perfect for occasions such as Halloween as well as scary and ghoulish-themed events, our talented stilt artists are sure to offer up some grisly and ghastly walkabout entertainment. 

Also catering to the wonderful side of fantastical costume characters, our stilt artists perform as beautiful make-believe and ethereal creatures. With stunning costumes, imaginary characters such as fairies, mermaids, dragon fish, butterflies and tentacled beings come alive as enthralling festival stilt walkers. 

Perfect for creating a fantastical and whimsical atmosphere to suit a range of themes from under the sea to dreamlands and fairy woodlands. Our artists’ giant Kraken prop looks incredible flying high above crowds with its many tentacles. 

With years of experience as festival stilt walkers, meet and greet costume characters and walkabout entertainment for a range of event types and settings, our stunning Themed Stilt Walkers Bristol will set your event alight with their fascinating costume characters. 

Top Tip:

Our talented stilt artists can also perform fire tricks with flaming poi and fire fans for a wonderful display at night time events.

Just one of our wonderfully bewitching stilt walkers and costume characters, our roster is full of talented stilt artists. Check out the additional festival stilt walkers and walkabout entertainment on our books.  

Create a weird or wonderful atmosphere with this enormous range of mesmerising festival stilt walkers. Get in touch with our team of Entertainment Experts to book!

Alton Towers
Birmingham NEC
Glastonbury Festival opening ceremony
Hobbs Catwalk Show
Kerrang Weekender
Shakespeare Globe Theatre
The Goblin Ball
Thorpe Park
Boomtown Festival
Gatecrasher Ball
Henley Festival
London Boat Show
Resistance Gallery
The UK Olympics
Wembley Stadium

...and many more

"Professional friendly and a pleasure to work with. Prepare to be afraid, offended and mesmerised by their shows!"

Club Anarchist 

"One of the most beautiful shows to perform at the Decadence. You are stupendous people and very professional!"

Club Decadence, Bologna

"Their costumes were unbelievable - so beautifully made"

ATC Management