Theatrical Singing Waiters

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Theatrical Singing Waiters
Reasons to book this ACT
  • The singing waiters are all talented professional vocalists and actors

  • The waiters can surprise guests by unexpectedly breaking into song

  • Available with 3-7 performers & accompanied by own DJ

  • Over 10 years experience performing at weddings, private parties & corporate events

  • Based in Holland & available to perform at events worldwide

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This fantastic singing waiters act is unique entertainment option for a variety of events. Imagine your guests' surprise when they sit down for dinner, only to discover that the waiting staff are in fact professional performers!

The musical servers will begin by working alongside your usual waiting staff: talking to guests, pouring drinks and plating meals. Without warning, the disguised performers break into song, amazing and delighting guests with their impromptu show. With over 10 years experience guests really won't suspect a thing and be genuinely surprised when the entertainment begins!

A fun and highly interactive entertainment option, the surprise singing waiters will mix and mingle with your invitees, breaking the ice and ensuring that everybody is enjoying the occasion. Whether you are planning a wedding, private party or corporate function, the versatile performers can adapt their setlist to suit your specific requirements, as well as providing their own DJ to ensure that your event is a real celebration.

Book our Theatrical Singing Waiters for a musical dinner service like no other.