The World’s Biggest Drum

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The World’s Biggest Drum
Reasons to book this ACT
  • The World’s biggest drum, this larger than life drumming act will make your heart skip a beat

  • A kick drum with a projector screen as the drumhead this large bass drum is 16 feet in diameter

  • Mounted on the kick on a given moment this huge drum turns upside down to reveal the drummer handing 16 feet up in the air upside down

  • The ultimate drumming act that will astound and delight audiences all over the world

  • Based in Los Angeles and available for worldwide bookings

The World’s Biggest Drum videos

The World’s Biggest Drum photos

The world’s biggest drum! This impressive large bass drum is 16 feet in diameter and guaranteed to capture the attention of everyone in the room. The biggest drum in the world, there really is no other drumming act like it, complete with a projector screen as the drumhead this drummer demands all eyes on him as he is suspended 16 feet up in the air!

A drum set that is mounted on the kick, at first you’re not sure what to think, until on the given moment the large bass drum starts to turn upside down revealing the drummer. The only twist is that the drummer is then suspended at the top of the drum performing his incredible set whilst playing upside down. This is a spectacle that yourt guest will not forget.

A fantastic drumming act that is unlike any other this magnificent drum is guaranteed to be a hit at your event as the element of surprise and showmanship of our musicians is absolutely astounding. 

Not only is our drum the world’s biggest drum but our expert musicians have wowed audiences all over the world having performed in over 15 countries to date! 

A musical sensation that will surprise and delight your guests is not only visually stunning but immensely impressive and captivating, creating an unforgettable night for all of your guests.

To book the biggest drum in the world and our incredible drumming act or for more information, contact our Entertainment Specialists today.