The Oyster Boys

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The Oyster Boys
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Delicious, fresh, Scottish oysters served by kilt wearing oyster boys!

  • Youthful exuberance creates a fun & exciting atmosphere at any event

  • Sensitive about how, where & when their oyster stock is cultivated

  • Oysters can be served in wandering baskets or a stationary ice basket

  • Based in London & Scotland & available to perform at events worldwide

The Oyster Boys photos

Add something different to your event with these kilt wearing oyster boys! Serving delicious, fresh Scottish oysters from traditional wicker baskets; they present a fun alternative or compliment to canapés. Their mobility creates a wonderful atmosphere at any event as they wonder amongst guests, enthusing about their product and engaging and creating laughter and smiles.

Their journey started from their family farm located in the mouth of Loch Creran, on Scotland’s West coast. With over 15 years experience in the oyster business, and over 30 in the aquaculture industry, the oyster boys are very conscious about how, where and when their stock is cultivated, and source their oysters from 3 or 4 key suppliers.

The boys don’t just wear kilts; they can also wear suits, tuxes and other dress depending on the theme of the event and on request from the client. They can also be accompanied by their oyster girls, who bring an air of elegance and glamour to your oyster eating experience.

A truly inventive and unique form of entertainment and catering, the oyster boys will make your event a success!