The Hang Player

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The Hang Player
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Well respected versatile percussionist, skilled in the "Hang"

  • Distinct new sound from a unique instrument and a creative artist

  • Incorporates his sound to house party music & traditional percussion

  • Previous clients include Club Genoa, Sidebar, Cargo, Mediaset...

  • Based in Italy and available to perform at events worldwide

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This versatile percussionist has always been eager to develop new sounds and over the years he developed a love for African traditional music. He began taking lessons from renowned African percussionists. Incorporating his new found sound with his traditional rhythm, the Hang Player has fused contemporary with modern pieces and made it work.

The "Hang" is an instrument composed of two convex metal parts joined together. With it, the Hang Player conquered new fields and used the unique sound to house party music, traditional percussion, and contemporary songs. To date, he is the only musician playing the Hang live on house music all over the European house music clubs.

The Hang Player is a regular fixture in festivals and concerts all over Europe. He has played in countries like Malta, Germany, France, The UK and Australia. He has also collaborated or played with a number of high profile artists. The Hang Player is available for corporate events, private parties, concerts, TV appearances and club shows.