The Electric Harper

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The Electric Harper
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Original and innovative electric harpist based in Argentina

  • Music includes Celtic folk, flamenco, tango, jazz, new age & classical

  • Electric harp is played tied to his body, as it were an electric guitar

  • Can perform as part of harp & cello duo or trio with harp, cello & singing

  • Performed with his harp around the world, from Latin America to Europe

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When you think about the harp, you automatically associate this mythical instrument, with the mystic image of the Angels and the Paradise.  You think that the harpist is just a formal and structured musician.  When you meet The Electric Harper you realize that the harp is a wide instrument, not only because of its sound, but because it can be part of the new generation of the contemporary and vanguard musicians.

From his compositions, totally ambiguous and mixed with the Celtic folk, flamenco, tango, jazz, new age, classical and other musical influences, to his aesthetics completely different to the archetype of the harpist, full of tattoos, piercings with a Tim Burton's movies' look, and two electric harps that are played making everyone feel the colossal sound spectrum of his creation, and playing the harp tied to the body, as it were an electric guitar, this Argentine young man, who's original, transgressive and innovative, offers in every concert he gives, a journey for the senses, and the soul.

Like a modern storyteller, telling stories of his life with a sense of humour, homesick and with words from everyday, making us feel as we were in his home's living room, with harp on stage, he becomes a minstrel, a modern troubadour and a harp-rocker who sometimes reminds us of the European fashion world mixed with the Jim Henson's series from the 80's, "The Storyteller", due to his aesthetics.

Having travelled with his harp around the world, from Latin America to Europe, and having performed in the best festivals of Celtic music, and harps all around the world, this harpist, the only electric harpist from Argentina, will give us, without a doubt, a night with no precedents.