The Dinner Party Game

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The Dinner Party Game
Reasons to book this Team Bonding Activity
  • A dinning and party experience like no other

  • Includes three-course meal, games, trivia, dancing and more

  • Superb team bonding exercise and immersive entertainment

  • Perfect alternative to the standard staff party

  • Based in London and available all over the UK

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Our wonderful and enigmatic event host Chrissy delivers an exceptional dining experience like no other. This wonderful concept works exceptionally well as a team bonding activity or highly fun staff party. 

The dinner party game is an immersive entertainment experience with food, games, singing, trivia and much much more. Event host Chrissy’s wonderful concept involves a three-course meal inspired by classic films. The magnificent food is provided by a top of the range catering company that also includes wonderful staff. After each course, diners will play a series of brilliantly fun games presented by the effervescent event host Chrissy, who will take the audience on a journey through some of the best moments in music and film.

The dinner party game has main courses like, ‘Silence of the Lamb Shoulder’ and intermission treats like Dirty Dancing inspired vodka watermelon cocktails. The team bonding activity is as delicious as it is adventurous. A giant movie screen plays snippets of films and event host Chrissy asks questions to the guests, with each team battling it out for the ultimate film buff award. Guests find themselves re-enacting scenes from Beetlejuice, and dancing alongside John Travolta in Grease.

This wonderfully creative and unusual team bonding activity goes far beyond the regular staff party or dinner event. It surprises and delights the guests on a whole new level. After the food, on come the banging’ tunes and everybody gets to enjoy a fun-packed night of dancing. 

Contact us at Scarlett Entertainment if you are interested in booking the dinner party game to provide your guests with amazing immersive entertainment.

"The Dinner Party Game was fabulous, Not been to such a well organised and fun event for a long time. "

 David Daniels, Senior Project Manager, Credit Suisse 

"Amazing! It takes a real talent to turn a bunch of sitting down folk into a rowdy raucous dance off within a few hours! "

Amy van-Baaren, Partnerships, Resident Advisor

"Chrissy’s hosting was second to none. She has a grasp of her audience unlike anyone I’ve ever seen. She gets everyone participating and feeling a real part of the show so it brings the team together in a powerful way. Her voice is amazing too. Really impressive. "

Rupert Pugsley, Sales, Red Bull.