The Delight Factory

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The Delight Factory
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Light street parade show including 12 different characters

  • A Universe made of sweets, strawberry marshmallows, lollipop-men...

  • Show includes juggling stilt walkers, musicians - sax, guitar, trumpet..

  • Original electro sample and acoustic live music

  • Based in Paris, France & available for events worldwide

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A Universe made of sweets, acid drops, strawberry marshmallows, lollipop-men, sugar ladies, fizzy musics... Delicacies and delights you will find it all there!  

Welcome to the Delights Factory.

Year of creation: 2010
Format: Light street parade show, with short scenes, 12 characters
Duration: 90 minutes or 2x45 minutes

Music: Original electro sample and acoustic live music (sousaphone, electric guitar, snare, saxophone, trombone, trumpet)

Show includes:
The Delights Factory: Illuminated electric vehicle with towing, and sound system, cannon with confetti, black light
The confectioner: Voiced barker (with deformation of voice)
The sugar ladies: 2 rollerblades
The fool: Player of sounds (sampler)
The delights magicians: 2 juggling stilt walkers
The lollipop men: Fanfare with 6 musicians – inflated costumes