The Cybers

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The Cybers
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Science-fiction-inspired hybrid beings – half-human, half-machine

  • Luminous silhouettes dance and manipulate light sticks

  • Include cyber-women and men, stilt walkers and light-juggling dancers

  • Perform to a background of ambient electronic music

  • Based in Paris and available to perform at events worldwide

The Cybers videos

The Cybers photos

From a science-fiction-inspired universe, the Cybers are hybrid beings – half-human, half-machine. Their luminous silhouettes dance and manipulate light sticks in a ballet of smoke and light to a background of ambient electronic music. 

An electronic show and light parade that transports audiences to a futuristic realm is the ultimate sci-fi entertainment for any event that wants half men/half machine performers!

Watch as our two cyber-women and two cyber-men, perform on stilts with light juggling routines to create a dynamic and exciting performance that will ignite any and every event in an instant.

With incredible costumes, electronic music and impressive performances these four cyber beings captivate audiences of all ages and create a futuristic atmosphere at every event.

Our LED stilt walking cybers are guaranteed to astound and amaze your audiences as they perform high energy routines from staggering heights! With impressive costumes, personas and stunts, The Cybers create an immersive environment for your audiences and guests to become lost within as they transport you to another galaxy with their remarkable act.

A futuristic act that is perfect for corporate events, product launches, brand reveals, private parties, theme parks, festivals and any occasion that desires high tech performers and incredible costumes!

To book our sci-fi cyber men and women or for more information, contact our Entertainment Specialists today!