The Cocktail Bus (& Lab)

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The Cocktail Bus (& Lab)
Reasons to book this Cocktail Bus
  • Our Cocktail Bus is a mobile cocktail bar, suited for company launches, product placements, VIP groups, corporate events and parties.

  • An original concept, a mobile drinks bar, suited for any location, The Cocktail Bus is a converted fire engine from 1983.

  • The Cocktail Bus will arrive at your chosen venue, equipped with two experienced mixologists to create tailored cocktails to impress your guests.

  • Our mixologists at ‘The Lab’ offer a new and unique concept; the classic cocktail made with a twist, served flaming in large test tubes.

  • The Lab bartenders are dressed in lab coats to create the bubbling, smoking cocktails, adding a fun element to your special event.

The Cocktail Bus (& Lab) photos

Scarlett Entertainment & Events provide team building activities and event solutions for Incentive trips to Amsterdam. We are a Destination Management Company covering Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam and all of Holland. We organise Team Building activities and incentive programmes for corporate groups and VIP’s, delivering experiences and activities that are unique to the region.   

Our exclusive Cocktail Bus (& Lab) is a mobile cocktail bar offering versatility and diverse solutions for your personalised event, perfectly suited for your company launches, product placements, VIP groups corporate events, weddings and private parties. An original concept for a mobile drinks bar, our Cocktail Bus is a converted fire engine from 1983, suited to any occasion. The Cocktail Bus will arrive at to your chosen location, equipped with two professional mixologists who are able to create tailored cocktails to impress your VIP and corporate guests. Why not ask our mixologists to create a cocktail in your branded company colours or with an ingredient that represents your chosen party theme?

We also offer a new and unique concept at ‘The Lab’, where classic cocktails are given a new look, using unusual ingredients to replace those traditionally used. Our lab Mojito 2.0 is a modern version of a classic recipe, where spearmint leaves are replaced with mint caviar, still with a deliciously fresh flavour, a twist on the original. Classic Gin & Tonics contain a suprising note, made with sage caviar. The incredible, conceptual cocktails are then served flaming in test tubes, an original element to wow your guests at any themed party. Delicious shooters are also served in small test tubes, both alcoholic an non-alcoholic. 

At The Lab, bartenders use measuring cylinders, pipettes, Petri dishes, flasks and dry ice to create the effect of a blue illuminated bar, emulating that of a laboratory. 
Our mixologists are here to entertain your guests, dressed in lab coats to create the bubbling, smoking cocktail, adding a fun element to your special event, incentive trip or corporate hospitality day.  

Our Cocktail Bus (& Lab) offer a stand out service that will help to make your event unforgettable. It is this unique concept with original features, delivering something new and exciting, that will ensure your personalised event creates a lasting impression on your VIP guests.  

Useful tips
The Cocktail Bus is 1.95m in width & 2.62 metres in height
The Cocktail Bus (& Lab) will come to any given location ranging from a garden party to a wedding hall
We can tailor cocktails of your choice to your special event.  

Contact us at Scarlett today to talk about booking The Cocktail Bus at for your corporate away day, personalised event or private party.