Tarot Card Reader and Magician

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Tarot Card Reader and Magician
Reasons to book this close up magic act
  • Channelling the spirit of the Victorian Era, our female magician dresses in fine 19th century costume for an eerie atmosphere

  • Able to perform thrilling close up magic, walkabout magic tricks, and mystical tarot card reading

  • Winner of the East Coast Spirit Session USA, a convention devoted to mind reading and bizarre magical presentations

  • Perfect walkabout magic tricks for weddings, parties, festivals and more, our fortune teller’s readings are astoundingly accurate and insightful

  • Based in Wolverhampton, UK, our Tarot Card Reader and Magician is available for international bookings

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For a spellbinding performance and touch of the eerie supernatural, our Tarot Card Reader and Magician is the enchanting entertainment your event is missing. 

Channelling the spirit of a 19th century séance medium, our charmingly peculiar fortune teller dresses in fine Victorian costume and takes guests on a journey through the golden age of spirituality.

Expertly blending storytelling, drama, and magic, our female magician will hold audiences enraptured as she performs walkabout magic tricks in her distinctive merry yet macabre style. 

Drawing in her audience, our powerful fortune teller can perform a range of diverse talents from a magic stage show, close up magic, and tarot card reading. 

Featuring theatrical demonstrations of magic and the supernatural, our female magician’s stage show is perfectly suited to large audiences and will resonate with guests long after the event is over. 

Having recently won first place at the East Coast Spirit Session USA, a magic convention devoted to mind reading and bizarre magical presentations, our female magician’s act is sure to wow guests.

Performing for more select events in intimate venues, our fortune teller’s close up magic is sure to steal the show. With fantastic walkabout magic tricks, and intriguing tarot card reading, our fortune teller is perfect for weddings, parties, corporate entertaining, and more. 

Ultimately to entertain, amuse and intrigue, our fortune teller’s walkabout magic tricks and readings will stun guests leaving them with food for thought and astoundingly accurate and insightful readings. 

Also a fabulous addition to any Victorian, Halloween, spiritual, or macabre themed events, our Tarot Card Reader and Magician will add a sprinkling of charm and magic in any event setting. 

Just one of the incredible magicians on our extensive roster, discover the other artists on our books. 

To book our Tarot Card Reader and Magician to fascinate and amaze guests at your next event, get in touch with our team of Entertainment Experts.

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"Timeless, elegant and beautifully Victorian... Brilliant!"

Reece Shearsmith

"Mesmerising and enchanting…all eyes on!"

Dr Tod Landman

"Her elegant take on magic is refreshingly original. In a business awash with stale presentations, her sophisticated delivery engages and beguiles any audience."

Fiona Maher