Switched On

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Switched On
Reasons to book this LED Music Show
  • Mesmerising and high-energy show bursting with contagious rhythm

  • Show features LED drums, Laser harp, light up saxophones & zendrum

  • A truly immersive stage show both musically and visually

  • Custom designed LED lighting that is timed to the music

  • Have previously performed for Disney, Thomson & Kauhura

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The idea behind Switched On is to create a truly immersive stage show both musically and visually. The show comprises two main performers who play a variety of different instruments, the theme linking the instruments together is light! Any instrument that is played on stage will have custom designed lighting that is controlled centrally and timed to the music. As well as instruments the two performers also sing, allowing them to perform a huge range of musical styles and genres.

The show has the option to be performed entirely by the two performers or re-enforced with a live band. Both combinations combine high energy music ranging from Celtic/Irish, well known classical, electronic, choral and old favourites with a unique twist.

Switched On is a show that is truly unique thanks to its one of a kind instruments the likes of which have not been seen combined before.

Unique Features Include:
Laser Harp - This instrument literally allows them to ‘Play Light’ using a laser projector a real WOW Factor!

Wireless Light Up Saxophone - Brings melodies to life as the saxophone changes colour to reflect the mood and type of music being played.

ZenDrum - A wearable, wireless midi controller that allows them to move into the audience and around any sized venue.

LED Drums - A large percussion set up that features all types of Drums and Cymbals, fully lit and forming the centre piece of the room or stage.

Fully Customisable - Laser graphics, colour schemes and logos with custom text for you event or brand!

Switched On have handcrafted a mesmerising and high-energy show bursting with contagious rhythm, spectacular energy, one of a kind instruments and unique musical talent. Switched On is an experience that has, and will, entertain the entire family! Their inventive musical creations and upbeat personalities will leave you unable to believe your eyes!

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