Swiss Female Fronted Party Band

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Swiss Female Fronted Party Band
Reasons to book this Female Fronted Party Band
  • Superb party band led by a fabulous female vocal trio

  • Eclectic repertoire of soul, pop, rock and disco to jazz, swing and more

  • Very customisable style of performance depending on the event

  • Great for corporate events, parties, gala events, weddings and much more

  • Based in Zurich, Switzerland and available for events worldwide

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The Swiss Female Fronted Party Band are an unstoppable musical force that will provide your event with brilliant live music. Fronted by three fantastic female singers, this party band has several performance options, a flexible repertoire and many different line-up options so that everything can be made perfect for your event’s entertainment.

The Swiss Female Fronted Party Band has a wonderful repertoire of songs that spans across the last 80 years with an eclectic range of soul, pop, rock and disco to jazz and swing. The female vocal trio is absolutely superb at delivering their own renditions of classic songs by iconic female singers from throughout the years as well as newer pop songs and even rock. 

Multiple line-ups are available, always fronted by the same three female singers, to suit event needs. These range from a quartet with just a pianist for intimate lounge-style performances, a jazz band or a deluxe version with a 10-piece backing band! the Swiss Female Fronted Party Band is extremely charismatic and full of energy. You can be sure these guys and girls will get your party started. 

This female vocal trio, with or without backing band, is highly suited to corporate events, parties, gala events, weddings and much more. Thie appearance is always customisable and you can be sure they'll dress to impress. 

If you would like to book this excellent party band with three brilliant female singers, contact our team at Scarlett Entertainment. 

Extensive Repitoire Includes:

20s, 30s and 40s hits
Oldies: 50s and 60s hits
Disco: 70s hits
80s hits
90s and current hits
Soul, blues and funk
Dance music / standard dances
Wedding Music
Party music (soul, pop, rock, disco)
Jazz and swing