Superstar Showband

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Superstar Showband
Reasons to book this International Events Band
  • Elite group of musicians and three credible male vocalists that offer a truly premium live band experience

  • World-class performances with original arrangements of hit records, unique choreography, crowd interaction and visually stunning performances

  • Playing a diverse range of hit songs from older classics throughout the ages and right up to up-to-date chart hits

  • Fully accustomed to the demands and requirements of wedding planners, corporate clients, brands and event professionals

  • Based in Los Angeles the band is available throughout North America as well as events across the world

Superstar Showband videos

Superstar Showband photos

This truly magnificent international events band sets the bar to an incredibly high-standard which is perfect for creating the wow factor at your event. Before anything else, you should take a few minutes to watch our Superstar Showband’s live recorded medley showreel above and you’ll be blown away by the quality of the musicianship and productions skills. 

High-end function band with credible vocalists and professional musicians 

A collective of elite musicians form the roots of a flexible premium international events band. The Superstar Showband is fronted by three young, credible, energetic and star-quality singers. Each one is individually signed to a record label and they have large followings in their own rights for their original material. This driving force behind the premium showband brings unrivalled talent by three incredible singers. 

Flexible international events band with upscalable options

This premium showband, always fronted by the three male vocalists, is available as a nine-piece or twelve-piece. If that wasn't enough you can upscale the twelve-piece Superstar Showband with an additional female singer, DJ and dancers for the ultimate live performance with extreme grandeur. 

A premium show band for all occasions

The high-end function band has a diverse repertoire that far surpasses any expectations based on the handful of popular songs featured in the video. Their full spectrum of songs spans right back to the 50s and covers a wide range of all-time favourites right up to very up-to-date chart hits all of which are tailorable to your preferences. As a premium showband they will action the best live performance for any part of a wedding, whatever the cultural preference, as well as provide the highest quality performances for corporate events and private functions. 

Based in Los Angeles, this international events band offers an unparalleled world-class performance with original arrangements of hit records, unique choreography, crowd interaction and visually stunning performances. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to book this band.