Stunning Mermaid Performer

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Stunning Mermaid Performer
Reasons to book this Mermaid
  • Wonderful costumed performer brings the world of the sea to life at your event.

  • Fantastic mermaid model mingles with your guests in an elegant way.

  • Masterfully crafted mermaid costumes that will turn heads and capture attention.

  • Hire interactive entertainment fit for private parties, receptions, themed occasions, etc.

  • Book a sea based experience for events throughout the UK and worldwide

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Are you looking to create a fun and elegant event experience that will turn heads and captivate your guests? Look no further than our exceptional mermaid costumed performer, an elegant and graceful mermaid model that will deliver a fun and interactive entertainment experience to your upcoming special event or social gathering. An exciting and magical sea based experience that is bound to keep your guests talking for weeks, as our model provides a variety of photo opportunities and meet and greets. The perfect water based showcase for any sized events or parties.

Our sea based experience will give your guests a special up close and personal look at our beautiful and masterfully crafted mermaid costume, a special leg suit that is filled with sparkles and different colours. An interactive entertainment experience unlike any other, our beautiful mermaid costumed performer will deliver a high quality sea based experience that will "wow" your guests from start to finish, no matter their age. Our wonderful mermaid model will keep your event's atmosphere carefree, light hearted, and filled with hours of fun.

Our mermaid costumed performer can perform at events that are both indoors and outdoors, depending on the event environment. Providing a few customization options, our special female performer can adapt herself to fit an assortment of different event themes or styles. Your guests will stay engaged, mesmerized, and filled with joy when you bring our talented and skilled mermaid model to your upcoming special occasion. The perfect sea based experience for private parties, themed occasions, family days, corporate functions, receptions, gala dinners, water based affairs, and much more. The sea themed beauty is also available for Halloween too.

Contact our exceptional Scarlett Entertainment team of experts if you are interested in booking our wonderful costumed performer, who are more than happy to guide you through our booking process and answer any questions you might have.