Strolling Las Vegas Magician

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Interactive Las Vegas Magician
Reasons to book this ACT
  • As seen on the world’s largest Cruise Lines and every Casino on the Las Vegas strip. Can be performed roaming or on stage

  • World class magician and mentalist will captivate 30-3000 people with his unique blend of mind reading, comedy magic and hypnosis

  • Sensational magician and mentalist that has performed for Sony, Microsoft, and other big name clients

  • Perfect mentalist for corporate events, trade show booths, private parties, cocktail receptions and more

  • Book interactive entertainment experiences throughout Las Vegas and worldwide

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Guaranteed to leave lasting impressions with your guests and audience, our fantastic roaming magician and mentalist will provide your upcoming event or gathering with incredible interactive entertainment that will blow your guests out of the water. A champagne bottle appears in a flash of fire. Birth dates, significant others, pets, anniversaries are revealed as your guest’s minds are an open book. A ring vanishes from a lady’s hand and a moment later is found safely on a key chain. A one-dollar bill magically transforms into a one hundred-dollar bill. A borrowed spoon bends by itself. A spectator’s watch is found in a sealed envelope inside of a wallet! Sounds Impossible? Not when you are watching the world-class close-up entertainment of our Magician. He circulates with your guests, clients and prospects reading their minds and performing miniature illusions with playing cards, money and jewellery right under their noses! It’s ideal during cocktail hour or before dinner when there is no time for everyone to stop and watch a show.

Versatile and dynamic, our magician can perform his eccentric magic show either on stage offering a mind blowing experience or a more intimate close up performance that will bring the magic from the stage to face value. Having performed for a multitude of events throughout Las Vegas, our roaming magician has performed for clients such as IBM, Sony, Microsoft, Westinghouse, Kodak, and Kaiser Engineering to name just a few of the high profile clients that have witnessed his amazing illusions. 

Our incredible entertainer has performed his magic and mind reading show in front of VIP celebrities including Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Pamela Anderson, Britney Spears, and has even made an appearance on the hit TV show The Osbournes where our sensational magician stole Ozzy Osbourne's watch off his own wrist and appear on his own wrist in a blink of an eye! The perfect interactive entertainment experience for trade show booths drink receptions, private parties, corporate events, and more.

If you are interested in booking our mind blowing roaming magician for your upcoming event, contact any of our wonderful Scarlett Entertainment team members who will be more than happy to take care of you.

American Bankers 
AT&T Wireless 
Bally’s Hotel & Casino 
Battelle Laboratories 
Computer Logics 
Century 21 
Children’s Hospital 
Douglas Fruit 
Flamingo Hilton Hotel & Casino 
Farmers Insurance 
Kaiser Engineers 
LawFinance Group 
Luxor Hotel & Casino 
Microsoft Corporation 
MGM Hotel & Casino 
Monte Carlo Hotel & Casino Motorola 
Mirage Hotel & Casino 
Norwegian Cruise Lines 
Princess Cruise Lines 
Robert Young & Associates 
Salomon Smith Barney 
Siemens Nuclear 
Station Casinos 
SurfSeven Realty 
Taiwan Auto Parts 
Waters & Wolfe IndustriesX

"We tripled our leads from last year! Amazing-drawing huge crowds into our booth for our product demonstrations."

Bob Reiltt-Marketing, NAPA Auto Parts

"Hilarious audience participation and impossible mind reading!"

Mark Koszyk, Lakeview Technology

"Amazing, Entertaining & Incredible."

Trina Hubbard, Bank of America

"When anyone can make three hundred salesman speechless, that’s real magic. Thanks for making our annual Christmas Banquet a most memorable one."

Ron Leary – Nevada Bell