Strolling Dinosaur

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Strolling Dinosaur
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Incredibly life-like strolling T-Rex: looks, sounds & moves realistically

  • Astounding interactive entertainment for the whole family

  • Stands over 8ft tall & 16ft long!

  • Perfect for theme parks, public & private events

  • Based in Florida & available to perform at events worldwide

Strolling Dinosaur videos

Strolling Dinosaur photos

This is a roaming act unlike any that you will have ever seen before! Coming just in time for the release of the eagerly anticipated Jurassic Park 4, this scarily life-like animatronic dinosaur will impress and amaze audiences of all ages.

Using state-of-the-art costume design and an extremely talented actor the T-Rex is brought back from extinction! It looks real, sounds real, and even moves like the real thing - blinking, swishing its tail and roaring! Standing a towering 8ft tall and 16ft long, this spectacular dinosaur will be sure to grab anyone’s attention.

An exciting interactive strolling act for public events, theme parks, corporate and private events this act truly is mind-blowing and will ensure that your event it talked about for a long to come.