Street Dancers Amsterdam

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Street Dancers Amsterdam
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Specialise in the styles of the hiphop & underground club-dance culture

  • Can perform hiphop, House dance, locking, krump, popping & break-dance

  • Fully active in the biggest dance competitions in Europe

  • Perfect for marketing campaigns, street promotions, corporate events

  • Based in Amsterdam & available to perform at events worldwide

Street Dancers Amsterdam photos

This Amsterdam based street dance group started in 2001 and specialise in the "true" foundational social dance styles of the hiphop and underground club-dance culture.  They perform Oldskool and Newskool hiphop, House dance, locking, krump, popping, dance hall and break-dance.  All commercial, choreography and TV street dance we see today has derived from the mentioned styles.

With tons of passion and great enthusiasm they live for the hiphop and club dance culture and all are fully active in the biggest dance competitions.  They are highly respected by the international dance scene which gives them the urge to pass on their experiences, true knowledge and skill to the upcoming dancers!