Stilt Walking Couple

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Stilt Walking Couple
Reasons to book this wedding themed act
  • Wedding themed stilt walkers can walk down the aisle with the actual couple and throw rice and confetti at them

  • Mix and mingle entertainers offer a fantastic photo opportunity and keep guests entertained

  • Can carry stylish umbrellas that dispense smoke and pyrotechnics to create a stunning visual effect

  • Wedding themed act especially suitable for ceremonies and receptions and also for festivals, themed events, Christmas markets, etc.

  • This Stilt Walking Couple is based in Italy and available for worldwide bookings

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Ensure your big day is extra special by booking an act that stands out from the rest - literally! This is precisely what this Stilt Walking Couple offers. A bride and groom on stilts, these wedding themed stilt walkers will make heads turn at any celebration!

A taller version of any couple, this bride and groom on stilts can be hired to walk down the aisle with the actual couple and throw rice and confetti at the newlyweds after the ceremony. Our wedding themed stilt walkers add a unique element to your celebration and make it extra special!

Holding hands and carrying elegant cotton umbrellas, our bride and groom on stilts can interact with your guests later at your reception. This wedding themed act adds an interactive element to your celebration and keeps your guests engaged and entertained.

Happy to share the limelight with other artists, our wedding themed stilt walkers regularly perform alongside other artists such as fire performers, aerialists or dancers. In fact, their stylish umbrellas can become a fire prop that that dispense smoke and pyrotechnics, adding a spectacular visual element to any performance!

Especially suitable for weddings, our mix and mingle entertainers are perfect for your ceremony and reception. They can also adapt their costumes and act to different events, making it well suited for occasions such as Christmas markets, festivals, themed events, corporate functions and more!

Top Tip:

Our stilt walking couple can change their wedding dress and suit for LED costumes. Find out more about them as Illuminated Stilt Walkers.

Scarlett Entertainment offers a wide range of mix and mingle entertainers for weddings and other special occasions in Italy and overseas.

Book this Stilt Walking Couple by contacting us today. Our dedicated team of Entertainment Experts will be delighted to share more information about our wedding themed act, provide advice and assist you with your booking.