Steam Punk Trapeze Act

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Steam Punk Trapeze Act
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Incredible steam punk trapeze artists will amaze audiences with their skill and style

  • Talented aerial duo performs breath taking balances, lifts and spins in a jaw-dropping routine

  • Unique steam punk duo will capture audience’s attention with their stylish and sensual steampunk attire

  • Brilliant trapeze duo performed at the 2012 Olympic ceremony in London and have worked with Cirque de Soleil

  • Fantastic steampunk entertainment for conventions, festivals and events worldwide

Steam Punk Trapeze Act videos

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Book our stunning steam punk trapeze act and prepare to be amazed by our jaw dropping trapeze act with a unique visual theme. Our trapeze duo perform a stunning and elaborate routine full of dazzling choreography and full-on wow factor moments. This unique steam punk duo creates a brilliant spectacle in their authentic steam punk costumes, giving them a stylish visual flair that other circus acts can’t match.

Guests will be spellbound by the breath taking skill of our aerial duo as they perform incredible balances, lifts and spins in a dazzling and varied act. Our duo is the perfect steampunk entertainment for themed events or for bringing top quality circus entertainment with a unique aesthetic to parties, corporate events and performances.

Our steam punk trapeze artists are a splendid addition to any steampunk entertainment line-up at conventions, festivals or private events and their stylish costumes look great anywhere. This sensual aerial duo performs a captivating routine as they swing from the trapeze, hanging and balancing in daring positions that show off their stunning strength and skill. Our steam punk duo provides electrifying entertainment with their seductive costumes and high octane aerial routines and is sure to impress guests and create a magnetic performance.

This trapeze duo are sure to steal the spotlight at any circus or cabaret evening with their brilliant look and world class aerial skill, and even if you’re not into steam punk our duo can perform their routine in a range of themes and styles to suit any event. Our supremely talented performers have performed at the London 2012 Olympic Ceremony and have worked with the legendary Cirque de Soleil.

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