Sci Fi Themed String Quartet

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Sci Fi Themed String Quartet
Reasons to book this ACT
  • A film soundtrack tribute show performed by all-girl string musicians

  • Can perform with an live orchestra for maximum enjoyment

  • Play two violins, a viola and a cello with LED bows that look like Jedi’s light sabers

  • Have performed at corporate events held by renowned brands such as Porsche, VR Band and Helaba

  • Based in Germany and available for international performances

Sci Fi Themed String Quartet videos

Sci Fi Themed String Quartet photos

Bring the fantasy of the Jedi universe to your upcoming event by booking this innovatory Sci Fi Themed String Quartet. What would be better for your gala dinner, award ceremony or classy reception than a film tribute show? Performed by a female string quartet, this original film tribute act will delight both classical and modern music lovers.

This string stage show is a tribute to some of the most popular songs composer John William created for the famous space saga soundtrack. Our all-girl string players will invite audiences to take a journey through the epic space saga and let their senses transport them to the famous galaxy’s handful of worlds.

Our talented string musicians will play some of the most famous melodies from the films including their famous musical intro recognised even by those who haven’t watched them!

The ladies not only can make of this show an unforgettable musical experience with their song covers, but also with the original and complete scenography. A fully live orchestra that include guitars, piano and drum sets can join them on stage for maximum enjoyment.

But what would be of any film tribute show without their most representative weapon? Our female string quartet knows this and that’s why they carry their laser swords with them. As you can see in the above video, their violins, viola and cello’s bows are LED sticks that represent the blue light sabers used by Jedi Masters.

This film soundtrack tribute show has already conquered audiences all around Europe. Renowned brands such as Porsche, VR Bank and Helaba have already booked these talented string musicians for their corporate events and celebrations.

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May the force be with your guests by booking our phenomenal Sci Fi Themed String Quartet.

Contact Scarlett Entertainment in-house team of coordinators today and make your enquiry.

BASF – Munster
Bilifinger Power Systems – Genk, Belgium
Commerzbank – Frankfurt
Helaba – Main Tower Frankfurt
Helaba – Paris
Neujahrsempfang Bundesjustiz-ministerium- Berlin
Porsche – Jameos del Agua, Lanzarote,
Provinzial – Munster
Red Dot Award - Berlin
Staatsempfang – Residenz Munchen
Terex – Mannheimer Schloss
Total – Schlob Schwetzingen
Tupperware – Semperopet, Dresden
VR-Bank – Residenz Wurzburg