Star Video Mapping Show

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Star Video Mapping Show
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Fantastic video mapping dance show is a truly impressive spectacle!

  • Amazing space theme visuals & elegant costumes transport viewers to another world

  • Projection mapping can be customised to include company logos & text

  • Perfect for product launches, corporate events, technology themes & space themes

  • Book our themed video mapping show for events in New Zealand & worldwide

Star Video Mapping Show videos

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Booking dancers with technology, in the form of 3D mapping dance or projection mapping dance, as entertainment for your next event is a sure fire way to impress guests, and this unique video mapping dance show takes it to the next level with awe-inspiring space themed graphics!

Created by top graphic designers, engineers and choreographers this fantastic video mapping dance combines beautiful, out-of-this-world animations with an elegantly choreographed dance routine performed to ethereal music. The result is something visually impactful and highly impressive!

In this incredible projection mapping show electric bursts crackle across the screen and form elaborate interconnected networks of brilliant white light against a stunning cobalt background. Audiences will watch entranced as our simply dressed professional dancers seamlessly interact with the brilliant moving graphics displayed behind them in an elegant dance. Controlling the glowing orbs of light and their path across the screen, these dancers seem to be from another world.

This fantastic 3D mapping dance is perfect for technology events or events with the theme of electricity and interconnectedness. It is also perfect as futuristic entertainment and ideal for space themed events. The projection mapping can also be customised to include a logo or slogan, or the show can be completely redeveloped with different costumes, choreography and music.

Highly atmospheric this extraordinary video mapping dance show will be a huge talking point at your event. Book 3D mapping dance for product launches, brand reveals, conferences, corporate events, exhibitions, awards ceremonies and much more.

If you’d like to find out more about the customisable options available for this 3D mapping dance, or find out more about our dancers with technology, get in contact with our entertainment coordinators who are on hand to help. Our entertainment coordinators have years of experience working with clients to find the perfect entertainment for their events.