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007 Games London
Reasons to book this Team Building Activity
  • Exciting Spy themed activities offer a fun group experience for a team building event or VIP incentive trip.

  • Allow you team members to choose between playing the bad guys in Diamond Heist or good guys in Hostage Rescue.

  • Innovative Bond themed games deliver the perfect team building activity for your group.

  • Enjoy pure escapism to act as a criminal mastermind or carry out a successful mission & release the hostage unscathed!

  • Learn how to handle snipers, pistols & air soft machine guns with our exclusive team Spy Games, London

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Treat your corporate group to an incentive day to remember with our exclusive spy inspired team building games!

Allow your team members to choose between playing the bad guys in Diamond Heist or the good guys in Hostage Rescue. 

Diamond Heist
Offer your team members the chance to play the bad guy or girl as you and your fellow villains make a detailed plan and use your newly learned skills to execute the perfect robbery! Enjoy pure escapism to act out a criminal mastermind, experience the excitement of the raid combined with the tension and thrill of the getaway. Have your team got what it takes to steal the priceless diamonds or will they end up spending time behind bars?!

Your group will receive weapons training from our qualified instructors, including the art of axe throwing, sniper shooting, air soft pistol and machine gun. After a corrupt planning phase, put your newly learned skills into action for the adrenaline-fuelled raid!

Diamond Heist uses a variety of replica weapons and where possible the raid is captured on CCTV for your guests to keep. 

Hostage Rescue
This original challenge is a special forces Hostage Rescue experience, designed as a team building event. Your team will be given extensive training in order to carry out the mission of rescuing a hostage held captive by a hostile group. The event will include learning how to handle fire arms, sniper shooting, close quarter battle with air soft machine guns, pistol handling techniques, including blank firing and unarmed combat. The challenge is then on for your team to work together to create a plan and prepare for their operation whilst waiting for the green light. Can your group  carry out a successful mission and release the hostage unscathed?! 


After the initial introduction and briefing from your SWAT leader, teams will be taught the skills and techniques to carry out either the perfect Diamond Heist or Hostage Rescue. After being issued with your special forces kit, time will be spent learning how to handle weapons under the control of our expert instructors. Tactics training will also be given, ensuring your teams are fully adept to carry out their missions. All our staff are experienced event instructors with special forces backgrounds so you can rest assure that your team members will have a fun and exciting day in a safe and controlled environment.

Both activities last approximately three hours inclusive of training sessions and offer great team building experiences, perfect for corporate away days, incentive trips and VIP groups.

Practical tips 

  • Duration of experience - 3 hours 
  • 3 training elements lasting approximately 50 minutes each will be included prior to the raid/rescue 
  • Minimum of 10 persons 
  • Maximum of 60 persons
  • All equipment, transport and training staff provided
  • Event medals provided 
  • Insurance provided
  • Practical clothing recommended
  • All staff are experienced event instructors
  • Ex special forces advisor with also be at hand with top tips for the missions
  • Customisation available on request

Contact us at Scarlett today to talk about booking our Spy Hostage or Heist activity for your corporate team day or personalised event.