Spoof Comedy Waiter

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Spoof Comedy Waiter
Reasons to book this Comedy Waiter
  • A talented comedian and magician with over 30 years experience in the entertainment industry

  • Has performed over 4,000 shows in over 20 different countries throughout Europe and the Middle East

  • Hilarious spoof comedy waiter act is performed without speech; perfect for international events

  • One of his props includes a cloche encrusted in 5,000 glittering Swarovski crystals

  • Our comedy waitier is UK based and available for global bookings

Spoof Comedy Waiter videos

Spoof Comedy Waiter photos

If you are looking for a funny waiter to hire our spoof comedy waiter is the funniest of them all and from the first course to the last serves up a feast of comedy that is cooked to order! As he mixes and mingles with your event staff and guests, he successfully infiltrates your event before revealing his funny side. He has a wealth of props that help him to play tricks on guests and induce fits of laughter. 

  • On Arrival

On hand to meet and greet your guest as they arrive, our Comedy Waiter carries a stunning cloche that is embellished with 5,000 SWAROVSKI crystals. The cloche is lifted to reveal medicine cups with a tablet in each one (Love Hearts) with a sign “medication time”. A hidden speaker from inside the tray gently plays “Charmaine” from the film “One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest”.  

  • Let's Be Seated

Once guests are seated he will whip out his tray of emoji coasters, handing them out to guests with a look that says ‘this one suits you!’ Of course, he will also ensure that all tableware is correctly placed using a 12inch ruler… just to be precise. Safety is also very important to our comedy waiter and so he might even get out a spirit level to check that the tables are absolutely level. 

  • Instant FM Radio from anywhere!

Once your guests have arrived our Comedy Waiter can mix and mingle amongst them producing Instant FM radio from any item he touches. Remove the top of a pen - Instant Radio! Empty glass - Instant Radio! Draw a radio on a napkin - Instant Radio! Crumple up the napkin and the radio sound fades, open back up the napkin and the live FM radio sound reappears. It is an amazing effect that will have your guests baffled.

  • Leading Up to The Main Event

Between the first and main course, our funny waiter will appear with a giant inflatable cactus entitled the ‘vegetarian alternative’ - oh he does like to poke fun! Also boasting a hidden talent our spoof comedy waiter can produce a wine or champagne bottle from an inflated balloon (just watch the video) - that’s right he’s also a bit of a magician! 

  • Just Before Dessert

As guests reach the end of the main course our comedy waiter reappears with a bottle of wine to serve guests with, but try as he might he can’t get the wine out as every time he goes to pour the bottleneck turns the other way up! Never mind he can produce some more bottles from unassuming tea towels. He’ll also have his cleaning kit to hand to sweep up any mess your guests have made whilst they chowed down. 

  • Bottle through the table!

How is it even possible? Our Comedy Waiter borrows a guest’s bottle of wine or beer (un-gimmicked), wraps it into a napkin and pushes the bottle through the table! The look of amazement on your guest's face when he lifts the bottle from under the table is a priceless moment.

  • Tea and Coffee

Just as the tea and coffee arrives he has discovered that there are some ‘celebrities’ in the room and he just must get his photo taken with them. So with selfie stick in hand he goes on a mission - guests will be in hysterics when he whips out the photo of the celebrity he thought they looked like. 

  • Sabrage!

Something to celebrate? Sabrage is a technique that became popular in France; Napoleon's spectacular victories across Europe gave his Cavalrymen plenty of reason to celebrate. It was just after the French Revolution when the sabre was the weapon of choice of Napoleon's light cavalry. During these parties cavalrymen would open the champagne with their sabres. Our Comedy Waiter if required can perform the spectacular method of Sabrage.

Of course this is just a small snapshot into the types of hilarious antics out comedian waiter and magician can deliver at your event. He has many more tricks up his sleeves, including conducting a raffle where the winner receives a photo of himself, a cocktail shaker with dice, pizza boxes from Dominoes - who ordered those? There is no end to his hilarity. 

Ideal for weddings, corporate events, special occasions and fundraising events, anniversaries, and restaurant and hotel events our talented comedian and magician has over 30 years experience performing at all kinds of events worldwide. 

Able to effortlessly create a mood of joviality, he is courteous and endearing and never oversteps the mark. All of his comedic antics are conducted without speech, ensuring that there are no language barriers to overcome, and his true comic timing will leave your guests with a feel-good lasting memory. 

To find out more about booking our comedy waiter for your next event get in touch with our experience Entertainment Coordinators. 

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