Splash Art Speed Painter

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Splash Art Speed Painter
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Bring something unique to your product launch or logo reveal with a punchy splash paint performance

  • Lasting 3-5 minutes, a splash painting show is a unique event art performance incorporating painting, music and video

  • At first drawing in transparent paint, our speed artist builds up the image with multiple colours until a distinctive portrait or image appears

  • Having worked with clients like Porsche, Toyota and The National Football League of Azerbaijan, our splash painter never fails to astound

  • Hire Splash Art Speed Painter for events in the Ukraine and worldwide

Splash Art Speed Painter videos

Splash Art Speed Painter photos

A world renowned artist, this talented painter combined his passion for design with a love of performance to create a totally unique show. Using colour and space in a distinctive way, Splash Art Speed Painter Denis produces narrative led performances that result in stunning event art. Telling the story of a person, a product or a company, our splash painter’s work is perfect for logo reveals, wedding receptions and corporate events. Using splashes of paint to produce his paintings, our speed artist creates rich images that resemble their subject with flair and originality. Based in the Ukraine and available to perform worldwide, hire this amazing artist from Scarlett Entertainment for your special event.

Using a unique technique, quite unlike many speed artists on the events scene today, our splash painter is both exciting to watch in motion and an incredibly talented fine artist. Beginning his performance by drawing in transparent paint, our artist builds anticipation as he slowly builds different colours into his work by splashing paint onto the canvas. Incorporating music and videos into his performance, different moving images are projected onto the canvas and used to add depth and a sense of narrative to the routine. 

Able to paint portraits, pictures of buildings, objects and more, each piece of event art from our superb speed painter is one of a kind. A true showman, there is never a dull moment watching one of our artist’s performances. A favourite of high profile clients like Toyota, Porsche and the Azerbaijan National Football League, our experienced splash painter will create a totally bespoke piece of work for your event. Able to incorporate branding or products for logo reveals or company openings, this versatile medium can be used as a fantastic opportunity to market your business. 

Never failing to create a stir on social media, the biggest selling point of this act is the eye catching nature of both the splash painting performance and the final result. Keeping audiences guessing right up until the show stopping finale, guests love the excitement and anticipation built up by our professional speed artist.

If you would like to book Splash Art Speed Painter for your event, get in touch with our team at Scarlett Entertainment today and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Kaspersky Lab
Palmiero Jewelry Design
ICICI Bank (India)
"Nargus" Magazine
National Football League of Azerbaijan
Azerbaijan America Alliance
The First National Cannel of Germany
United Bank of Africa

"Thank you for one of the most amazing show for ICICI Bank, India. You have been very cooperative throughout our interactions and made sure that the client is happy"

Performance at "Creative Masters" Contest Award Ceremony. Organized by ICICI Bank of India, Mumbai

"It was amazing having your team over in Nigeria. Your professionalism and commitment to getting the job done was impressive and the final execution on the day was seamless, a high point of our event"

Performance at the Award Ceremony of the Best Worker of United Bank of Africa. Nigeria, Lagos

"I would like to thank the team for the fantastic job you did at the the 2nd Annual Azerbaijan America Alliance Gala Dinner, Washington, D.C. It was a really impressive show!!! I think we will remember this event for all our life. I would highly recommend this act as they were very professional. Thank you very much"

Mr. Matthew Clapton, 2013