Spinning Aerial Act Spain

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Spinning Aerial Act Spain
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Exceptionally skilled male aerialist captures the attention of guests of all ages.

  • Remarkable aerial pole performer performs a variety of tricks with the twisting and turning of his body.

  • Fun and exciting silk act will leave guests with unforgettable memories.

  • Got talent acts ideal for corporate events, private parties, festivals, and more.

  • Sensational aerialist available to book for events across Spain and worldwide.

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An exciting aerial experience featuring our highly talented male aerialist will provide your event or gathering with a breath taking silk act that'll capture the attention of everyone in attendance. Aiming to create an electric atmosphere in your venue, our wonderful aerialist is also a skilled aerial pole performer who displays highly dangerous feats of strength and endurance as he performs a multitude of aerial manoeuvres above guests' heads. Appearing on 'Spain's Got Talent,' our talented got talent acts will leave guests with wide eyes and jaws on the floor, as they experience an aerial performance that'll blow them out of the water.

Performing to a high energy soundtrack, our elegant male aerialist is a versatile performer and can provide your event with a few customisation options that'll fit within most theme guidelines and styles. Our aerialist creates emotional narratives using the twisting and turning of his body to display a wonderful silk act made out of pure imagination and grace. A skilled aerial pole performer, our aerialist is always fine tuning his performance to ensure he provides nothing but amazingly stunning aerial visuals that'll quickly become the centre piece of your special occasion. A mesmerising spectacle that's sure to leave guests with unforgettable memories.

Our engaging and exciting aerial performance is filled with stunning aerial tricks and is the ideal entertainment option for corporate events, private parties, theatre performances, circus themed events, and much more. Our wonderful male aerialist is available as a solo performer, or can be combined with any of Scarlett Entertainment's other(http://www.scarlettentertainment.com/talent-tv-show-personalities/tv-sho...) got talent acts to further create a one of a kind got talent experience for your event. 

If you're interested in bringing our sensational aerial performer to your next event or gathering, contact any of our help team members who'll answer your questions and guide you through our booking process.