Speed Painter India

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Speed Painter India
Reasons to book this Speed Painter
  • Incredible live paintings completed in less than eight minutes

  • Offers standard speed paintings, upside down reveals and puzzle painting

  • Available as a superb and unique speed glitter artist

  • Has worked with many corporate clients, wedding celebrations and private events

  • Based in Odisha and available for events throughout India and worldwide

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Our Speed Painter India is one of the country’s very live artists who is able to transform an artist skill into a form of entertainment. His incredible live speed paintings are completed in less than eight minutes and will have guests on the edge of their seat for the whole duration.

This live artist offers many variations of his speed painting with each and every option fully customisable to the client specifics. He has experience working with a range of clients and is quite capable of recreating portraits of public figures and celebrities as well as business logos and using corporate messaging.

The live artist offers, in a addition to standard speed painting: 

  • Upside down painting: still, performed at lighting speeds, he paints the majority of a picture upside down. Audiences will be unaware of what the image is until he flips it over and touches up the final parts.
  • Puzzle painting: an ultimate reveal option where he has four square canvases. He paints segments on each before turning and re-arranging them to reveal the final image. 
  • Glitter painting: Our Indian artist is pro at this. He paints a blank canvas with clear glue before throwing coloured glitter over it. Glitter only sticks to the glue and audiences are always amazed.

Having previously worked as a freelance artist and illustrator, Speed Painter India is very talented when it comes to creating images on a canvas. He has developed his skills into creating his works of art in very short timeframes. His speed painting has since been highly sought after by a wide range of clients across the country. 

This Indian artist is a brilliant speed painter based in Odisha and available for events throughout India as well as internationally. Contact our specialists at Scarlett Entertainment to book him for your event or to find out what he can do for you.