Speed Glitter Painter Malaysia

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Speed Glitter Painter Malaysia
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Remarkable and awe-inspiring Speed Glitter Painting Artist

  • Has produced portraits of famous Malaysian and International celebrities

  • Magnificent visual show where the artwork really does come to life

  • Perfect for corporate events, unique product launches or brand logos

  • Based in Malaysia and available to perform at events worldwide

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The first & only Speed Glitter Painting Artist In Malaysia!

This unique and remarkable performer works with the Glitter Painting technique (Glue + Glitter cast) in the style of traditional Speed Painting but reveals the graphics at the very end of the act keeping the public in anticipation during the show.

Painting throughout the performance using clear glue, it is only for the big finale, when the artist throws glitter on the canvas, that the audience see the portrait or graphic appear and really come to life.

This magnificent visual show is both fascinating and impressive to audiences of all ages and can be used at corporate events. It is the perfect way to reveal brand logos, new products, a VIP’s picture or any other type of object to represent graphically in the form of glitter.