Spanish Themed Tightrope Act

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Spanish Themed Tightrope Act
Reasons to book this Wire Dancing act
  • Incredibly agile tightrope performer mixes dancing with Flamenco influences

  • The perfect balance between circus entertainment and Spanish cultural heritage

  • Adaptable wire dancing for indoor or outdoor events

  • Great for Spanish themed events, a circus show or corporate event

  • Based in Nice in the South of France and available worldwide

Spanish Themed Tightrope Act videos

Spanish Themed Tightrope Act photos

This fantastic female tightwire performer is the perfect balance between circus entertainment and Spanish cultural heritage. Our fascinating Spanish Themed Tightrope Act is a combination of graceful wire dancing and the professional expertise of a very talented tightwire performer. 

Taking inspiration from Spain’s Flamenco culture, the Spanish Themed Tightrope Act sees the tightrope performer dressed in a lovely black and red dress. Her wire dancing is perfectly choreographed to Flamenco inspired music and crowds are amazed as one moment she leaps and bounds through the air and back not the rope, then the other she is dangling underneath. 

The highly experience tightrope performer has received training for a range of circus school and institutions, from New Caledonia in the Pacific to Melbourne’s National Institute of Circus Arts. 

The Spanish Themed Tightrope Act can be performed on a regular wire or on a free-standing wire. This means the wire dancing performance can be adapted for different locations and you can book the act for an indoor or outdoor performance. 

The tightrope performer is based in Nice, South of France, but available for events all over the world. Her wire dancing act is really well suited to any Spanish themed event, cabaret, circus show or corporate event. Her dramatic and sensual show is guaranteed to seriously impress your guests.

This agile tightwire performer comes for a background in dance and circus. She has other themes available, aside from the Spanish themed one, and can add in juggling performance. 

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