Spanish Street Theatre Show

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Spanish Street Theatre Show
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Wonderful interactive entertainment will keep your guests engaged and entertained.

  • Fantastic roaming act featuring a dazzling assortment of costumes and puppets.

  • Exciting street theatre that'll compliment any event size or theme.

  • Ideal costumed performers for private parties, corporate events, ceremonies, and more.

  • Book inflatable puppets for events throughout Spain.

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Make your upcoming special event or social gathering a memorable experience that  your guests will talk about for months to come, by booking our exciting and eccentric street theatre interactive entertainment roaming act experience! A fun street performance that showcases our phenomenally crafted inflatable puppets and wonderful costumed performers. A family friendly roaming act that will put your guests face to face with our sensational inflatable bulls in a fun and interactive experience that quickly becomes a mock running with the bulls. A memorable experience for all in attendance. 

Our street theatre roaming act experience is a traveling show that features bulls as unique and intricate inflatable puppets and our costumed performers as their handlers. Our interactive entertainment option is not dangerous but instead a very fun experience that is perfect for family events that will have smaller children. Our street performance comes in a few parts, it starts with a warm up styled exercise between your guests and our costumed performers before our exceptional inflatable animals enter the scene for a fun and unforgettable experience that will fill your event with laughter and cheer.

Supplying your special occasion with a fun entertainment experience, our inflatable puppets also showcases a marvellous recreation of the famous "mouse" which is reserve for adults for a more rigorous experience. Creating a fun and immersive experience is our costumed performers' goal as our wonderful roaming act delivers a one of a kind interactive entertainment experience that is sure to leave your guests with lasting impressions and unforgettable memories. The perfect entertainment option for private parties, festivals, family days, street performances, and much more. 

If you are interested in booking our sensational costumed performers and inflatable puppets for your upcoming special event or gathering, contact any of our phenomenal Scarlett Entertainment team members who will be more than happy to assist you with our booking process.