Spanish Soprano Recital Dubai

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Spanish Soprano Recital
Reasons to book this ACT
  • A captivating classic music concert performed by a talented female soprano with a powerful voice

  • Female vocalist is accompanied by a pianist and a Spanish dancer on stage

  • Live music show involving some of the most classic Spanish Zarzuela musical numbers

  • Successfully premiered at the Ateneo in Madrid and widely applauded by critiques and audiences

  • This Spanish Soprano Recital is Based in Dubai and available worldwide

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Provide your event with an authentic Spanish flavor by booking this exceptional Spanish Soprano Recital, a classic music concert performed by a talented female soprano who will delight audiences with her melodious voice and her natural elegance and powerful stage presence.

This classic music concert is based in famous Zarzuelas. A zarzuela is a traditional form of musical comedy in which dramatic action is transmitted in a combination of singing and speech and that can also include dancing, as is the case here. Our talented female soprano is accompanied by a passionate and energetic Spanish dancer who will delight audiences with his bullfighting moves and dramatic expressions.

This trio of talented performers is completed by a classical pianist, who will provide this live music show with an added touch of sophistication and refinement. In addition, our talented female soprano will always dress in beautiful gala dresses or elegant red or black outfits that reflects Spain’s real identity. This classic music concert is definitely a stage show that Opera lovers can’t afford to miss.

Some of the Zarzuela numbers this trio of artists carry out include ‘El Barbero de Sevilla’ by G. Gimenez, ‘Cantares’ by Joaquin Turina and ‘Punto de Habanera’ by Xavier Montsalvatge.

Highly praised and extensively applauded by both critiques and audiences, this Spanish Soprano Recital successfully premiered at the Ateneo in Madrid. Since then, this classic music concert has captivated both opera listeners and comedy theatre lovers due to its intensity and the exceptional performance of our trio of classical performers.

This live music show will take crowds on a journey to classic Spain where bullfighting and Flamenco are its signs of identity.

Scarlett Entertainment offers a variety of Spanish and Flamenco shows for events worldwide.

If you think our Spanish Soprano Recital can be the perfect live music show for your event or special occasion, then don’t hesitate to contact our coordinators today and make sure to submit an enquiry today.

"A poetic blend of music and dance"

La Tribuna de Albacete, Newspaper

"An exquisite performance perfumed with operatic nostalgia "

David Rodriguez Cerdan, Critique and Musicographer (Scherzo, Academia Magazine)

"A tale of passion and jealousy that will capture the audience from the very outset "

J.C. Gonzalez, Writer