Space Soldier Duo

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Space Soldier Duo
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Space Soldier Duo are the ultimate sci-fi film characters perfect for film theme entertainment

  • Available as a duo and fantastic for photo opportunities, mix and mingle events and meet and greets

  • Iconic film-based walkabout characters are a hit with all audiences

  • Can be booked alongside other characters from the same film

  • Based in Leeds and available for worldwide bookings

Space Soldier Duo photos

Our Space Soldier Duo have become iconic film characters that great for mix and mingle events, photo opportunities and as roaming characters. Our walkabout characters instantly add a new dynamic to any event whether it be at a sci-fi film theme event or any occasion that desires an iconic duo. 

Known for their iconic costume, the Space Soldier Duo are instantly identifiable to any who have witnessed the hype surrounding the infamous movie franchise. Whilst this duo looks malevolent as they march through your event, over the years the symbol of the Space Soldier Duo has become somewhat of an entertainment sensation with guests thrusting their cameras into the air to get a photo with this brilliant character. 

Our walkabout characters are perfect for mix and mingle events, meet and greets and offer a fantastic photo opportunity for all of your guests to get excited by. 

No science fiction film theme event is complete without these iconic villains whether it be for a themed party or if you simply want to spice up your corporate event – our roaming characters are a hit amongst all audiences and guests.

Available as a duo or can be booked as a solo act alongside other characters from the same films. Watch our iconic characters roam about your event, interacting with all whom they encounter whether it be posing for photographs or making guests bringing movie moment to life. - this fantastic duo is guaranteed to get your guests talking!

To book our real life walkabout Space Soldier Duo, contact our Entertainment Specialists.