Snow Vortex Air Sculpture

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Snow Vortex Air Sculpture
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Stunning contemporary art that is perfect for winter wonderland events or any occasion that requires a snow effect piece of art

  • Snow vortex is beautiful to look at and provides WOW factor effect on all audiences who experience this air sculpture

  • Tens of thousands of Styrofoam peanuts are swept into a huge pile in the centre of the room whirling around like an actual snow storm

  • Our New York artist has worked for previous clients including Louis Vuitton Mercedes Benz and Samsung

  • Based in New York and available for worldwide bookings

Snow Vortex Air Sculpture videos

Snow Vortex Air Sculpture photos

Our extremely talented New York artist has created a stunning piece of contemporary art that is perfect for winter wonderland events or any occasion that wants to convey a powerful message through a widely impressive air sculpture. This snow vortex air sculpture provides WOW factor reactions from all who witness it.

With tens of thousands of Styrofoam peanuts gathering in the middle of the room our New York artist has designed the snow like Styrofoam peanuts to whirl chaotically in the air above the pile of fake looking snow to look like a giant room sized snow dome that audiences and guests can enter. A highly interactive air sculpture that draws people in and makes them want to dance, walk, tunnel through it, be buried in or simply to just stand in the middle of this magical snow vortex, both children and adults love this piece of contemporary art.

Bring the joy of snow and put smiles on your guests faces, whatever their age. This snow vortex can be used for events as a fun winter wonderland feature that brings joy to all who encounter it. 

To book our whirling snow vortex for WOW factor entertainment, contact our Entertainment Specialists.

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Cirque Du Soleil
Cisco Systems
Louis Vuitton
Mercedes Benz
Oglivy and Mather
RTL Television

...and many more