Slack Rope Performer

Circus Entertainment,Acrobatics & Hand Balance,Walkabout Entertainment,Street Theatre
Slack Rope Performer
Reasons to book this ACT
  • A unique & innovative slack rope performance with multiple ropes

  • Act combines high levels of kill, poetry, theatrics & music

  • Can play the violin whilst performing on the slack ropes

  • Perfect for corporate events, product launches, venue openings & more

  • Based in Stockholm & available to book for events worldwide

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This is a unique and innovative slack rope performance in which a talented male circus performer showcasing immense skill and talent as he navigates a plethora of slack line ropes! 

Having worked in theatres and circuses across Spain, Sweden, France, Germany, Greece and Russia with many prestigious companies, he is a master performer and gives captivating theatrical performances that will really impress audiences. Incorporating aspects of performance poetry into his slack rope shows, our slack rope circus performer easily connects with his audiences on an emotional level. 

Our amazing circus perfomer is also a talented violinist and can incorporate his musicality into his shows to amazing effect!

A true artist and experienced performer, our slack rope artist can tailor his shows to suit each individual event - whether you’re looking for a high-energy circus performance to wow guests at a product launch or venue opening, or to impress viewers at a corporate event as an after dinner show. 

Top Tip

This versatile circus performer also specialises in unicycling, juggling and playing the violin. Talk to one of our entertainment coordinators about these skills and how they can be incorporated into a show for your event.