Sino-oriental Troupe Zurich

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Sino-oriental Troupe Zurich
Reasons to book this ACT
  • A completely unique and professional dance act

  • Diverse dance styles for a range of entertainment needs

  • Perform Bollywood, Oriental, Chinese and Thai dance

  • Cultural blend of dancers from around the world

  • Based in Zurich, Switzerland and available to perform at events worldwide

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The members of Dance Troupe Zurich are from different countries and from different cultural backgrounds, which provides a diverse repertoire of dance and music from across the world, adding to the uniqueness of this act and making them the pioneers of this innovative dance style. Having studied the different dance forms, the group has perfected their moves with great skill and technique.

In contrast to purely oriental dancers, Dance Troupe Zurich also draws inspiration from Chinese art and belly dance and the diversity of this acts dances ranges from; Bollywood, Oriental, Chinese and Thai.

Having performed at numerous festivals, concerts, and shows the beauty and sound of their mesmerising repertoire of dance and music is sure to 'WOW' audiences and entertain guests making them the perfect entertainment for any occasion.