Singapore Light Painter

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Singapore Light Painter
Reasons to book this Event Artist
  • Skilled light painter creates stunning continuously evolving sequences

  • Customisable entertainment fully tailored to the imagery you desire

  • Fantastic live event experience for guests of all ages

  • Ideal for corporate clients, brand reveals or product launches

  • Based in Singapore and available for events worldwide

Singapore Light Painter videos

Singapore Light Painter photos

Our mysterious hooded event artist delivers an artistic experience for your guests guaranteed to captivate their attention. Audiences will be stunned by the glow art that emerges out of the darkness and the neon scenes reveal themselves right before their eyes. Images appear then fade away as the artist begins the next sequences resulting in an ever changing and evolving storyboard.

This cutting edge glow art experience is provided by our hugely talented Singapore Light Painter who is also a skilled Sand Artist and Glitter Painter. He’s a real showman who takes great pride in his performances. The live event artist dresses in a custom black cloak that has green LED lighting, creating the impression of a mysterious character. He turns quite a simple painting into a visual art performance. 

The Singapore Light Painter performs in near pitch black conditions to make the artwork really stand out. Every event is completely unique as the light painter will create a bespoke glow show for each and every client. He is able to tailor the glow art to use imagery of choice as well as logos or corporate branding. 

The live event artist is a fantastic addition to almost any event wanting to capture the guests' attention. In particular, the Singapore Light Painter is really well suited to corporate events, brand launches, technology events and conventions. 

If you would like to book this outstanding light painter for your special events, then please get in touch with our team or Entertainment Co-ordinators who will be more than happy to help.