Silver Aliens

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Silver Aliens
Reasons to book this Out of this world entertainment
  • Fantastic silver shiny walkabout alien characters

  • Includes two female aliens on stilts and one in a moving UFO

  • Ideal walkabout act for sci-fi and futuristic themed events

  • The stunning costumes glisten under the sun or artificial lighting

  • Based in Berlin and available for events all over the world and out of this world

Silver Aliens photos

Coming from a galaxy far far away and having traveled lightyears to get here, the fantastic Silver Aliens are here on mission to provide you with out of this world entertainment. 

The stunning walkabout aliens are covered head to toe in silver, shiny, mirrored costumes that glisten magnificently in either the sunlight or venue lighting. Our Silver Aliens’ walkabout act features two incredible female stilt walkers. You cannot see the stilts as they completely covered by the costume making them look like genuine giants. The third alien is in a sci-fi classic UFO on wheels and can move freely around. The combination of the two becomes a fascination for audiences of all ages. 

The walkabout alines come with extremely high quality costumes that drives audience engagement towards them. They turn heads wherever they go, and become the most talked about act at any event. Standing at nearly 4 metres tall, the stilt walkers certainly stand out in any environment. 

If you re looking for out of this world entertainment, then look no further than these fantastic silver characters. An exceptional choice for sci-fi and futuristic themed occasions, they also make a great addition to street parades, conventions, product launches and any event requiring something striking in appearance.  

Based in Berlin, Germany, the trio of walkabout aliens is available for events all over the world.

Contact one of our Entertainment Coordinators to book them for your event.