Shanghai Calligrapher

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Shanghai Calligrapher
Reasons to book this live event artist
  • Using traditional techniques our artist can create customised artwork on almost anything

  • A range of different artwork to choose from our calligrapher provides paper cutting, dragon and phoenix calligraphy and Chinese calligraphy services

  • Happy to brand his paper with our logo to ensure that your guests remember who delivered their experience

  • A participatory artist in the Sino-Japanese Cultural and Art Exchange

  • This multi-skilled Chinese calligraphy artist is incredibly professional and easy to work with

Shanghai Calligrapher videos

Shanghai Calligrapher photos

Our live event artist has years of experience in delivering high-quality artwork to corporate clients and the public. Based in Shanghai, China this artists has a premium quality to his work and is available to hire all over the world. If you're looking for an authentic Chinese experience with a native china man then this is the act for your event.

Multi Skilled Chinese Calligraphy Artist

Scarlett Entertainmnet's traditional calligrapher can paint on a variety of surfaces including stones, fans paper and other fabric. This bespoke art form is ideal for exhibitions, corporate events. This act is regularly hired for Chinese New Year events and art exhibitions.

This renowned artist has even appeared in the program of Human Satelite TV (happy camp). 

With only a table and chair needed to create the experience, our artist will bring with him all of the materials needed to ensure your event painter is a success. His tools include traditional paint brushes and inks.

We have a range of art based entertainment including calligraphers and live event artists to perform at your event.

If you would like to hire his authentic Chinese event painter then please speak to our team