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Reasons to book this ACT
  • Groundbreaking new performance by internationally acclaimed dance troupe

  • Part shadow act, part dance and part circus

  • A universal experience that is both intensely dramatic and comedic

  • Much-loved songs illuminate the themes & visuals of this fascinating story

  • Based in the US & available to perform at events worldwide

Shadowland videos

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The groundbreaking new performance by internationally acclaimed dance troupe Pilobolus, is best described as part shadow act, part dance and part circus. As the first theatrical event of its kind to tour the globe, Shadowland incorporates multiple moving screens of different sizes and shapes to create an evening-length performance that merges projected images and front-off-screen choreography.

The story is a surreal experience of a young girl’s sensational world as she comes of age. Created in collaboration with lead writer for the popular animated series SpongeBob SquarePants Steven Banks, Shadowland is a universal and intimately portrayed experience that is both intensely dramatic and comedic. It is set to a rhythmic original score by the popular American musician, producer, and film composer David Poe, whose poetic work for Shadowland ranges from ballads to hard-driving rock numbers that lift the audience out of its seats. His much-loved songs illuminate the themes and visuals of this fascinating story and world.

“A completely new show, Shadowland will become, without doubt, one of the more important theater events of the new season.”
Absolute Madrid

“Watching Shadowland makes you speechless... They have given us something beautiful, touching and completely unexpected”
Stuttgarter Zeitung

“From good-old shadow play, they have made a mega-event on a large screen which has fascinated theworld”
BILD Berlin/Brandenburg

“This show mixes elements of vaudville and theater, acrobatics and dance, poetry and pop into a gorgeous work of art.”
Berliner Morgenpost

“Since its early years, the purest Pilobolus experiences have involved metamorphosis. We see both physicality and illusion. Bodies become imagery, and one image merges into another, poetically, inexplicably.”
Alistair MacCaulay, The New York Times

“[Pilobolus dancers] are a vibrant, self-sufficient vision that challenges us to see the world—and art—anew.”
Claire Messud, Departures

“Pilobolus combines the laws of physics with a daring artistic eye to create sensual, gravity-defying choreography that has changed the look of modern dance.”
Emily DeNitto, Worth

“Once again, Pilobolus demonstrated that it is a law unto itself, a singular theatrical universe.”
New York Sun

“Pilobolus is a mind-blowing troupe of wildly creative and physically daring dancers who leap, fly, intertwine and break all the rules…Audiences should expect the unexpected with Pilobolus.”
NYC Newsday

“Were there a prize for the most popular modern dance company in the country, it would go to the Pilobolus Dance Theatre.”
The New York Post