Sensual Acrobat Duo

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Sensual Acrobat Duo
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Acrobatic dance duo perform breath taking sensual act that is sure to leave your audiences amazed

  • Acrobatic duo demonstrate beautiful interdependence with breath taking balance manoeuvres

  • This entertaining relationship is a contentious love affair highlighted throughout this passionate body to body act

  • Our circus performers have starred in over 1000 shows for Cirque du Soleil’s Las Vegas production, Zumanity

  • Based in Las Vegas and available for bookings worldwide

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Scarlett Entertainment’s breath taking acrobatic dance duo are sure to leave your audiences and guests truly astounded by their sensual and powerful body to body act. Our acrobat duo demonstrate stunning interdependence through their extraordinary balance manouevers that showcase the sheer strength, grace and precision of both our circus performers. 

The relationship between the two performers tell the story of a contagious love affair that is saturated in true 1940s gangster style. The acrobat duo illustrate the narrative of a jealous mobster that is so infatuated by his girl that he can’t bare the thought of her ever stepping out of line. He gains power from a magic fedora, that she steals in order to gain control in the relationship. The performance is a struggle between the performers and who will be under the spell of the other. This body to body act truly is a story of power versus love, but who will come out on top?

Our highly trained acrobatic dance duo have also worked as circus performers with an extensive roster of previous clients ranging from Cirque du Solei, the Moscow Circus, MTV, Winter Olympics. As well as performing on France’s Got Talent, and as a regular featured act in the CabaRAE variety show.

These extremely talented performers are strong, sensual and stunning to watch, making them a hit with all audiences. 

To book this sensual and passionate duo contact our Entertainment Specialists.

CabaRAE Variety Show
Cirque du Soleil
Festival Siguientescena
France’s Got Talent
Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde
The Box
The Moisture Festival
Teatro Martini Dinner Theater

"In a variety festival that features over 150 acts each year and has presented artists for 13 years it is always a thrill to witness an act that brings the house down. The response was immediate and quite overwhelming."

Ron W. Bailey, Artistic Director, Moisture Festival

"You guys were a SMASH and the show was a great success!"

Jerry Mitchell, Tony Award winning choreographer of Kinky Boots, Legally Blond: The Musical, Hairspray: The Musical


"This unique Gangster, Mafioso act brought a new vibrancy and dimension to our already critically acclaimed show, which was reflected in the amount of standing ovations they received. They became a firm favourite with both the audience and back stage."

Alan Goldberg & Wanda Azzario-Goldberg, Creative Producer & Artistic Director, CABARAE variety show

"Sheer perfection, inviting the audience to witness an unfolding sensual relationship erupting into a power duel, guided strength, wild flexibility, all wrapped in a film- noir package of romance and story."

Stefan Haves, Comic Act Designer & Casting Partner for Cirque Du Soleil & Teatro Zinzanni; Director, Cirque-A-Palooza