Segway Robot

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Segway Robot
Reasons to book this interactive promotional robot
  • A unique concept that combines jaw-dropping technology with one-of-a-kind performances

  • Robot can be customised to display all of your brand iconography and graphics

  • Available as a double act, two robots can glide effortlessly around your venue interacting with your guests

  • Perfect robotic technology for events such as exhibitions, trade fairs, tech events, festivals, etc

  • We booked the Segway robot to feature in Ed Sheeran's Antisocial video featuring Travis Scott

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A pioneering entertainment concept that combines jaw-dropping technology with one-of-a-kind performances, our Segway Robot is guaranteed to be an instant hit at your upcoming event. The robot will interact with your guests in a number of ways as a walkabout entertainment option involves lots of crowd interaction.

Loved by people of all ages, our interactive event robot especially catches the attention of little ones wherever it goes. Gliding without effort around your venue, this friendly robot adds an exciting and fun element to any event. On top of that, it will quickly make friends and win people’s hearts over with its positive energy and outgoing personality.

Up to two interactive promotional robots can be booked for your event. Happy to perform as a double act, these futuristic characters will freely move around posing for photos and interacting with your guests in a number of ways.

Robotic technology for events is an innovative and fun way to promote your business, product or service. Robotic entertainment is popular for a wide range of celebrations including festivals, exhibitions, trade fairs, promotional events, and more!

Available worldwide to appear at any form of corporate event or brand activation, our interactive promotional robot will be customised to display all of your brand iconography and graphics! Segway robot is available for bookings all across the UK and overseas. With some big gigs under their belt already, our robots have always been the highlight of the events they’ve been part of!

If you would like to hire our Segway Robot, then contact us today and male an enquiry. Our dedicated team of Entertainment Experts will be more than happy to answer all the questions you may have about this interactive promotional robot and assist you in the booking process. 

NEWS: We booked the Segway Robot to feature in an Ed Sheeran music video. Read more