Sea Themed Kites

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Sea Themed Kites
Reasons to book this Giant Kites team
  • Astonishing aquatic themed kites with kite displays along to music and workshops

  • Fantastic giant kites with whales of 30 metres and Octopuses reaching 65 metres

  • Professional team with over 15 years experience and the largest collection of show kites in the BeNeLux

  • Amazing for sea themed events, festivals and family friendly summer events

  • Available for events throughout the Netherlands and Europe and also provide Kite workshops

Sea Themed Kites videos

Sea Themed Kites photos

Based in the Netherlands, these utterly stunning Sea Themed Kites will transport your guests into an underwater wonderland with fantastic aquatic creatures elegantly floating over their heads as well a delivering stunning kite displays that sees magnificent creatures dancing in the skies. 

You can choose from a range of manta ray, octopuses, whales, exotic fish and more. In the right conditions, these enormous magnificent and vibrant sea themed kites will gently sway in the sky and amaze everyone down below. With giant kites like many people have never seen before, they have whales that can reach 30 meters and a large octopus that is 65 meters long. These a guaranteed to become a focal point of any event. 

The team of professional kite flyers has the largest collection of kites in the Benelux. They regularly perform at festivals and events all around Europe and have multiple competitions. The Netherlands kite flyers have over 15 years experience and extremely reliable at wowing audiences with their giant kites. 

The Sea Themed Kites are ideal for themed events and outdoors Summer celebrations. The Netherlands kite flyers are also able to tailor make giant kites for special event or product launches. 

The team are also responsible for providing kite workshops as a private or corporate activity. The kite workshops can involve making and painting as well as the flying of kites. This is a great team-building activity for the Summertime. 

Please contact our team at Scarlett Entertainment if you would like to book these magnificent giant kites at your event.