Scottish Bagpiper China

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Scottish Bagpiper China
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Phenomenal and stunning bagpipe player skilled in traditional playing.

  • Incredible live music show featuring a different variety of arrangements.

  • Fantastic bagpipe musician will perform an entertaining solo show.

  • Perfect bagpipe player for parties, receptions, weddings, corporate functions, etc.

  • Bagpipe performer available for booking throughout China and worldwide.

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Our fantastic male bagpipe player is bound to be a huge hit with your guests at your upcoming special event or social gathering, as our brilliant and talented bagpipe performer provides an outstanding live music show with his sensational sounding bagpipe sidekick. Providing a Scottish themed entertainment experience that can be enjoyed by everyone no matter their age, our skilled bagpipe musician will create an amazing care free atmosphere that will keep your guests engaged and entertained throughout his wonderful performance. Our bagpiper offers his distinctive and traditional sound and exciting arrangements of traditional songs and other arrangements, and will surely provide your event with a "wow" factor quality. 

Bound to have loads of mass appeal at your special event, our talented bagpiper will deliver his vast repertoire of traditional hit covers, creating an epic and resounding soundtrack for your special occasion that will keep your guests' heads turned, our bagpipe musician is a master at the bagpipe, as he has been performing for years perfecting his live music show each chance he gets. Our phenomenal bagpipe player will work your crowd out of their seats as they crowd around listening to our performers' joyous music. 

A highly versatile male bagpiper, our bagpipe performer is available in a variety of options that will help your event take off to the top, creating a full Scottish themed entertainment experience that will keep your guests on their feet throughout his performance. Our bagpiper can perform a minimum of 20 minutes with options to play longer sets throughout the night, and is the ideal option for private parties, weddings, festivals, receptions, gala dinners, and more.  

Contact any of our amazing Scarlett Entertainment team members if you are interested in booking our wonderful and dashing male bagpipe player for your upcoming special event or social gathering.